Fly away, find the crumb

Everything old is new and everything new is old. Her life was filled with vintage items. She was a collecter. It filled her with happiness and a sense of history. It provided her with roots. Or a semblance thereof.

She looked at the spoon and reflected on how elegant it looked. The bell rung at that moment and she took several deep conscious breaths. She then started reciting her five key words: fly away, find the crumb. She deeply felt the tingling sensation of the breath entering and exiting her lungs. she felt everything. The bell rang ten more times. At that point she was anchored. She was unmovable as she drifted upwards. She was anchored yet unmoored. She picked up the spoon and placed it in her pocket. It would be a great tea stirrer. And with that she walked out the back door.

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  1. It’s Lovely to Love a Crumb or a Ring or a Thing for the Love remains same
    My Father left at 3 my
    Mother said i idolized my
    Father like a Ring that
    Would never go away
    Later i wore a Favorite
    Ring out of a Bubble
    Gum machine i Lost
    It in the Waves terrified
    i stayed until
    Decades later
    i became
    The Wave The Ocean
    The Beach all that is
    Left is all that is
    Left to Give
    No one Will
    Ever take
    The Beach of
    Me away now no
    Thing for now love

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