Made new friends: Thankfully I’ve moved around a lot

In the past five years, I have lived in four cities. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Ok. Maybe a little. I’m a nomad. I have wanderlust. I thrive on pressure and listen to a calling to help communities in need. It’s my thing. It’s how I roll. And, in one key life area, apparently my nomadic lifestyle is a good thing.

The evite company (the one that simplifies party planning) recently did a survey of adults to better understand friendship patterns amongst other social habits. Amongst 2,000 American adults surveyed, they found that on average, no one had made a new friend in the past five years. Family commitments was one reason. Others noted that it is just hard to make new friends.

And, that is where my nomadic life comes into play. Mind you, many of those surveyed also noted that moving cross-country made it hard to make new friends. But because I have moved for work all these times I end up meeting many new people. I don’t readily make new friends. I’m picky. But I make a few new friends here and there who remain my friends despite all my moves. And very different types of people, at that. As a result I have a very eclectic set of friends. Different likes, perspectives and fields. I’ve been lucky in that respect. My life has been enriched as has my mind. That may be partly why so many people confide so many things in me. I’m accepting of different viewpoints and try really hard to be non-judgmental.

Here’s to a varied life.

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  1. I had a military career of 23 years. I moved 23 times. I didn’t realize that while I was doing it and only know the count because of security clearance update requirements. The thing that makes this comment relevant, and not a one-up type comment, is that for 17 of the moves I dragged four children along with me. The moves were equally divided between domestic and overseas travel. My four children have long since married and have children. After marriage, no child has moved more than a couple of times and no child has moved outside the US.
    I am still evaluating the effects of my lifestyle on those four children. I posted this because I note how you frequently post about your son and his reactions to moving.
    I now live in Indonesia with my 17-year-old son. I have taken him to the US once for a visit (he was 14) and will take him to the US again for a vacation as a birthday present for his 18th birthday.
    Your post triggered a lot of reflection.

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  2. I had a few friends in NJ, and an occasional new one.

    But when we moved to California, found that this place has around 340 residents.

    We’ve had dinner with a good half of them so far, and are making tons of new friends – and none of us are going anywhere. It’s kind of eerie but nice. I’ve already lost a few of my new friends in the nine months we’ve been here. That part’s daunting.


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