Even if you don’t want to go ahead and laugh

I just finished watching a couple of dog videos on Facebook shared by my friends. I’m a dog person and thus had to watch them. I not only watched them but I liked one of them. I can’t recall which one. They were both of similar tone but one was posted by someone I slightly like better. Oh one was of a dog who ran off with a GoPro capturing his nuttiness. It was cute but not the one I liked.

As I liked one of them, I also forced myself to laugh at the video. I had a hard day dealing with some unnecessary drama. I’ll leave it at that. I’m a person who is constantly laughing. However, today I wasn’t feeling it. And, despite not feeling I forced my self to laugh at the video. And, then I pulled up the other and laughed at it as well.

The day was still a bad day. However, by forcing myself to laugh I felt better. My shoulder felt less burdened and weighted down. Laughter, even if forced, can be medicinal.

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  1. We went to see ‘Pets 2’ Yesterday and OG it Happened it’s No
    Secret Pets remind Us
    We are Human oh the Tears streaming i miss
    My Yellow Boy And
    There are so many
    Humans who need
    Forever Homes
    Oh how oh how
    We take
    Them all in
    Such a Large
    Home of Love
    That Will make Pets
    Happy like Cats and Dogs..:)


  2. Once after a lovely breakup you know fresh Gore stage I spent an evening practicing smiling as I blah blah…….river of tears….. Never would again!. I’ve enjoyed losing a handful of romances in their entirety since so obviously I will love this smile again hahaha. As to my cynacism, I just looked up golampki and the world’s hot dog. Ooo. High class gas these. And I’m hoping the latest becomes as it can be love which is not just me choosing but two idiots lol. I needed another idiot. Please universe have one ! Okay seven in case I’m wasteful?


  3. Thing is, we make choices continually.

    But choices have consequences. I wake up in a lot of pain. I can lie there not daring to move because it will make the pain so much worse, and I’m already shocked by how bad it is this morning.

    Or I can take the painful steps to stretch and loosen the joints and ligaments, get up and take the medication which might help, and get on with my day. Trusting that the painful steps will still work, and this won’t be the day that sleeping somehow severed my spine. Or that moving will make things permanently worse.

    So far, so good. The pain still takes my breath away, but I’m still in control.

    I can choose.


  4. I remember reading years ago that fake laughter can fool the body and provide the same health benefits as real laughter, and was blown away by the idea. Good for you on forcing yourself into laughter-it can’t do anything but make the day better.


  5. Even just a forced smile can be therapeutic. By making our faces assume a position our mind creates the feelings would cause us to look that way. What we think of as cause and effect actually can work in both directions.


  6. Laughter really can be good for the soul. I do think a lot of us need to laugh more, I know I do, even if we have to force ourselves into it some times. I hope the rest of your week is brighter  ♥
    Caz xx


  7. It is truly said that “ Laughter is the best medicine.” Being sad and goofy is not an answer to anything. Whenever I am sad I just watch some videos of funny baby compilation and that just sweeps away the thoughts of sadness from within and helps me to be fresh again.
    Keep smiling and laughing…🤪


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