If you get tired, rest don’t quit

Take a seat



Soak your feet

Call a friend

Eat a pretzel

Play with your dog

Tap your shoes

Take a step back

Seek the bigger picture

Get unmired

Become unmoored

Check your pulse

Sing 100 tunes

Count 1000 sheep

Then seek a moveable feast

Dig in

Partake, give back

If you get tired, rest up

But don’t quit

No shame

There will be gain

Rest the eyes

Then the vision will be sharp

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  1. i like coming here each
    Day it’s Like A Daily Favorite TV Show that
    Never Gets Canceled like
    Gilligan’s Island and
    You are almost
    Character.. hehe
    My Island is too far
    ‘Out there’ for most folks
    To Visit so Happy to have
    Internet Access way
    Out Here..
    Meanwhile after
    A 3 Hour Tour of Sleep
    Gonna Try A Nap Thanks
    So much for helping me
    Count Internet Sheep
    Blog is
    Like a Home
    For Wandering
    Shepherds online.. Hehe..;)

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  2. I’ve been following your advice for a year now, although I didn’t know it was your advice. I have rather severe degenerative back disease in my lumbosacral region, which has resulted in my using a walker and tiring easily. I find if I break my work into manageable segments and rest, read a chapter in my most current book, perhaps write a scrap of two that I might use in a poem, file my nails, call a friend or family member in between, that the work gets done and I am, if not superb, at least not frenzied and exhausted. It is excellent advice.


  3. This has helped me through a current difficulty, reminding me that I haven’t failed unless I have stopped trying.


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