It was all golden until it wasn’t

She sighed and laughed at the same time. It sounded like a weird gurgle. Whatever that was. She stared out the window snapping away photo after photo. She couldn’t help but think how it was all golden until it wasn’t.

She wanted a new life. But she didn’t know where to get a viable one. So many things are the same everywhere. So much cookie-cutter thought and form. It felt like everyone was a variation on a pod.

To be fair, that’s how it all had been planned. But she was bored now. She needed a new life. She laughed and sighed again, while her heart fluttered. And, then she snapped. And, then it was all new.

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  1. Finding Our Stories DisEase of ‘Advanced Age’…
    SMiLes at 21 i could not Find It at School..
    FROwns at 47 i could Find It at Work..
    THere was the Internet i searched
    my Name and i could not even find
    my Story THere..
    Change heHe…
    STuff HaPPeNs too hAha..
    Verily Do SNap SHots too..;)


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