An unnecessary win

Look, I get food poisoning quite often. Wish it weren’t so. But my lifestyle means that I am bound to eat something that causes me some discomfort at best and outright harm at other points. I eat out almost every day. Whenever you go out you are putting yourself at the mercy of other people’s kitchens and cooking habits. I’ve learned to bake that likelihood into my life’s equation. I wasn’t always this way. Growing up we never ate out. Money was too tight, if it existed at all. But fast forward a decade or two, and I keep only creamers and cheese in my refrigerator. It can actually be quite filling.

In eating out, in order to minimize my food poisioning events, I live by certain rules. No buffets. No Eggs Benedict. No shellfish. The latter is meant to avoid anaphylactic shock. I also have a rule to avoid things with mayonnaise. I scrupulously adhere to that rule. That is till this week.

I was famished. By 10am, I already had taken over 10,000 steps and had no food in me. I needed calories to keep going. I made it to my new favorite quick-bites eatery and was saddened to see my favorite sandwich wasn’t available. Not much was. However, there were still left chicken salad sandwiches. I sighed and went for it. I was hungry. Famished. Starving. Needed sustenance. I ordered the chicken salad with a lavender latte. Yum. I waited 10 minutes and my order was ready for me to take with me.

I make it to my desk and eat my potato chips first. I don’t believe in having to eat food following set sequences. I also like to eat dessert first. I think everyone should every once in a while. I then start eating my sandwich and it was dry and in no way showcased the basil it was supposed to have. But I was hungry. Really hungry. I suppose I could gave stuck with the small bag of chips and the lemon bar that I got. I think I forgot to mention that delicious food accessory. Then a colleague came in and I made him taste my sandwich. I was afraid that I was eating tuna instead of chicken. I felt like I was having a Jessica Simpson moment. Ever since giving birth I have become allergic to tuna as well as shellfish. He was game, although skeptical. I laughed at myself for becoming such a diva that I needed a taste tester. He assured me it was chicken. I kept eating it. But something just seemed off. But I was hungry. I finished it off. I proceeded to forget about it. Four hours later, I remembered it. My stomach was in agony and needed to lie down for a few hours. Luckily, I made it through the night ok and didn’t need to go to the emergency room. I consider that a win. An unnecessary win.

I hate unnecessary wins. They are those wins that are hard fought but you shouldn’t have even had to fight in the first place. A win is to be relished regardless. But still those unnecessary wins leave a bad taste in one’s mouth and do nothing good for one’s well-being. I’ve had a few of those types of wins and afterwards I kick myself. Well, not literally. But I most certainly admonished myself. And, thereafter I did a little dance cause a win is a win. I can gloat just a little. But seriously no more chicken salads for me. That is until the next time I’m super hungry.

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  1. ‘Unnecessary Win’ A Catchy Phrase That Describes much of ‘Advanced’ CuLTuRE
    BTY Best
    Regards to
    Your Intestinal
    Fortitude And
    Thanks Again
    For the
    Phrase i
    Needed it for
    Another Project..
    Always picking
    Up these kind of
    Tools from Your
    Blog hmm..
    Your Blog
    Knows what
    i need.. hehe..;)


  2. My latest amusement of releasing what I don’t control is things like this or these. All those questionable moments once no solidified certain heck no I had an experience! Yeah? Making innocuous time means questionable choices which are TRUST. And oh lordeeeee do I see red when I must prove everything being plucked out as to my best but the relationships are never in that certainty but in trust to negotiate questionable reliably. But realistically, the key is breathing as I know that just is NOT my choice. Liken it to competitive cards all thirteen in a poker type deck of 4 players to a deck is a chance at the game. But so often like in spades hearts whist etc the score is designed to lend this outcome I have six of thirteen or the trash while the oponents have the score and my partner came up with? What partner? Nothing. One help one little bit was difference tween win and loss and just myself wasn’t enough! And you know what? That’s a great way to remain pissed at the world. It’s to me to encourage a free choice to be participated in. To be trusted like in a moments need. Even if I’m mayonnaise which oh eee! Mimi! Ma’am! I am mayonnaise! Dukes because I’m back southeast but Hellman’s if east and or best foods if west. Spanish islands Majorca and Minorca where they like gin and English windows now along with lemony tart cheese and the sauce that is the world!


  3. My amusement at recognising the pleasure of unintended wins is equal to what you describe, having recently moved and having a few lingering issues remain to cause me stress I was rewarded a £50 voucher by one of the parties involved
    Hip hooray indeed and a nice touch

    The fact my tire blew the next day and it cost me £64, well life has a sense of humour, almost as off piece as mine it seems!

    And having done food hygiene in the past (one of many random things I’ve ended up doing!) I now can’t cook meat until it is burnt, given that the food hygiene mantra I picked up was ‘cook it right or die, these are all the horrible ways you can suffer’
    Maybe one too many hygiene courses I think!!


  4. You have my sympathy. I have had food poisoning all over the world and my experiences include vomiting into the hole in the floor of a fast moving train somewhere in Western China. That is TMI I know. But I also avoid mayonnaise and any salads it may be in!!


  5. Oh no, I’m sorry you have so many problems with food poisoning, that must be horrible. I’ve had it once quite badly so I count myself lucky. It’s a bittersweet win but I’m glad you avoided the emergency department! xx


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