Indeed, dragons eat anything they want

I have a dragon in my office. Not a real one. I wish I had a real one. First, I suppose they would have to exist. But it would be so awesome to have a fierce, colorful dragon to call my own. And, to set upon my haters. I’m joking.

In my office my dragon is perched on the corner of my desk next to my guests’ chair. Many people look at it. A few have asked me why I have that. Many will actually move it around. Often they move it so that the dragon doesn’t face them. As a psychologist, I couldn’t have planned a better en vivo (natural) experiment. As an executive, I chuckle. Playing with my dragon gives me much insight as to who is sitting across from me. Although, admittedly, I never planned that out. I just like dragons and wanted to make the space my own. No nefarious intent here. But now I do take note of people’s reactions.

In honor of Game of Thrones, I am contemplating putting up a sign on my office wall that reads:

“What do Dragons eat?

Anything they want”

I wonder what those ensuing reactions will be.

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  1. Dragons are real. Just not in the way people think. It all has to do with the 4 elements of consciousness, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The wings represent air, fire is its breath, scaly skin for water and the claws for earth. When one masters the 4 elements of consciousness they control the dragon, become the dragon rider, conquer the dragon etc. The dragon is usually guarding treasure or a girl. This is symbolizing the riches you get from conquering or becoming the dragon or that you can start using the subconscious which is the feminine part of the mind. All the dragons I know eat steak, lamb or fish. 😉


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