I wonder what happened to my friend who only ate pickles

I have been doing this intermittent fasting thing the last six weeks or so. Actually, I have been doing it on and off for the last ten years. It seems that now a whole bunch of people are catching on to it. I’d like to note I did it first. Maybe Malcolm Gladwell can feature me in his next Tipping Point book. Do you think there will be a sequel? I kid. I don’t care. But I will admit I was entertained by the book when I read it many years back. Whenever I look at penny loafers I think of that book. I guess it made an impact. But, onwards to my next digression.

I was looking in the refrigerator feeling really hungry. Some days of my intermittent fasting are easier than others. Today, my mind and my heart wanted more.  I found a jar of crunchy spear pickles. Yum, I am serious. I love those things. And they are very low in calories. As I was reaching for them, I had this weird flashback to many, many years ago.

When I was younger I had this best friend who was tall and thin. She wanted to be a model. I had lost touch with her for a bit and then reconnected for a hot second. In that hot second I came to find out that she really wanted to be a model. So much so that she only ate pickles. I remember scrunching my nose when I heard that. Sure, us New Yorkers like pickles. But to solely subsist on that is a bit odd. But she was committed to remaining thin and she could fill up her stomach on pickles and not gain weight. I remember thinking that I really loved key lime pie. Yes, that was my first thought. And, there was no way I was going to give up key lime pie for a life of just pickles. I never followed in her footsteps.

Soon after, I lost touch with her again. And, I have yet to reconnect.  Sadly I don’t believe that we ever will. Her name is too common for me to really get any traction finding her with a normal google search.  Maybe I should see if there is a pickles Facebook page that she may be a member of. But as I crunched on my pickles I did wonder as to where she is and for how long she kept to a pickles-only diet.

It is amazing how one little moment of hunger took me so far back in time. As we move through life we have so many people touchpoints and sometimes those are extremely fleeting. I do wonder how many people we touch in life in one way or the other. And what is that cumulative effect?

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  2. I was thinking this yesterday, having recently connected with a work colleague from 20 years ago. Then I started thinking about all the little interactions you have each day and how they can be a positive or negative influence – I consciously attempt to be kind even in my transitory encounters, and by the way the people light up, you can tell it makes an impact.


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