She whistled to see if he would startle

She remained hidden from view eating the snow off the ground. It tasted surprisingly good and fresh. The cold taste gave her a fresh zesty brain freeze. She watched and slurped the snow while deep in thought.

How would he do it? She couldn’t be 100% sure of his upcoming actions. She whistled to see if he would startle. He didn’t. He was focused on the task at hand. She didn’t know how this was going to end this excited her. She whistled again and this time he flinched and turned with a grin on his face. Game on!

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  1. Hmm.. just about to
    Comment long ago
    And then Came Game
    On the other
    Line.. hmm..
    Something about
    Creativity something
    About Imagination
    In Stories
    Beyond Distance
    Space and Time…
    Bottom Line i Flinched
    Yet.. The Show Goes On..:)


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