Sometimes you just need to rest and take a seat

Have you ever been so tired that you just needed to sit down no matter what? Of course, you have. There have been times when I have taken 22,000 steps and reached a point where I just needed to rest. There have been times when I hadn’t walked a mile but the world was tiresome and I needed to sit. There have been times when emotions overwhelmed the senses and I just needed to sit. The thing is, one needs to recognize when those moments come. We don’t have to power through everything. Even if you have to climb a building, take a seat.

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  1. Hehe.. just finished 11,0030 miles of Public Dance in 67 Months today i’m relaxing from Writing a 40K Word Poem to Celebrate that With Hiking in Nature ya rarely get tired without any Work Stress.. hehe.. 16 at 60 just A Year and Two Months Away.. Golden Age No Myth.. As Tarot ‘Fool’..;)


  2. You normals slay me. My entire life is resting enough to take the next breath.

    Please enjoy that you have the ability to move AND to rest – and travel, love, and do all the things you’d regret not having done.

    My life stopped 29+ years ago, at 40, and I’m still trying, still writing, still adjusting to a huge move.

    It can be done – you don’t get the choice – but I wish I’d had more fun before.


  3. Always on the lookout for a convenient log or comfy rock to rest my weary bones. They seem to be a lot wearier than they used to be.


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