A line of waiting cabs makes me feel joy

Growing up in New York City I never felt claustrophobic. To many outsiders, the city could seem tight and constrained. The sidewalks packed, the apartments tiny, and the summer air stifling. But to me, New York represented vastness. It was, and still is, a world of possibilities. And because of that, New York seemed expansive.

If one wanted to, one could hop on a bus or the subway for a penny (well, a bit more) and go far. Very far. And, wherever you looked there was a cab waiting to take you somewhere.

It may seem odd to some, but at the early hour, a line of waiting cabs makes me feel joy. I feel good about just being able to go somewhere. It’s like Cinderella with her carriage. Although, no pumpkins here.

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  1. I am planning a trip there. Going to want to be close to museums, theater, central park, but i do have one i am attending a conference at nyu . Any thoughts of good location? I will fly into jfk.


    • Its often better to stay near the conference location so you don’t have to subway it every day when you are in a time crunch. There may be some boutique hotels near nyu. Theres also soho 54.
      Many marriots but those rooms will be tiny.

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