It’s time to wake up

She was staring up at the sky while feeling the tickle of the grass beneath her. She had always assumed that everything looming large in the sky would always remain hidden from the masses. She had assumed it was her secret and her secret alone to keep. She had known since childhood when she first saw the sky for what it really was. She, at first, tried to tell others. But no one believed her. Why should they? They weren’t as enlightened as her. They didn’t have the right eye. She learned to turn it on and off so she wouldn’t have a tell. After she initially tried to tell others, the sky people visited her in her dreams warning her to keep quiet. They would suffer greatly if anyone knew. So, she remained quiet all these years. But today was going to be different. Today would be the day everyone woke up and saw. Everyone’s vision would be sharpened and their minds cleared of heaviness. She pulled herself up and went back inside. She made a monte cristo sandwich and opened up ten umbrellas as she had been instructed to. And then she waited

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