I’ve been an overly excited and joyful New Yorker

I have spent the last three years in Los Angeles enjoying my time there. However, I’ve also been pining for my beloved New York. Yesterday, I walked throughout the city getting my feet and legs re-acclimated to my old speedwalking routine. And, while my time was a bit off, in that what would have taking me 12 minutes took my 15 instead, I was on cloud nine. It felt so good to be walking amongst the throngs of other people who were in a hurry to get somewhere. I suppose part of what made me a little slow was that occasionally I snapped a photograph or two so that I could document my sojourn. But I didn’t stop to take the photo, I just kept walking as best I could. Thus, some of the photographs are a bit blurry but surprisingly many came out well.

I was so excited to be back in my old element I barely noticed the cold. And, honestly it really wasn’t as I was properly dressed and was speedwalking. It was 39 degrees and I felt fine. Meanwhile, my friends from Los Angeles were busy texting me to let me know that they were freezing as it was 39 degrees in the am. I had a chuckle or two about that. Indeed, it is all relative.

And, with that I feel my world coming together in the new year. My word for the year is “joy” and I intend to experience it on a daily basis. As should everyone. Go out and be joyous.

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