We are at page 4 of 365: Time to write your narrative

It is the new year. And for some of you who dared to make resolutions, you may be on a great winning streak fueling your new year energy.  For others, you may have thrown in the gauntlet. And that is fine. There are other ways to reach goals and pick oneself right up.  Some people like to focus on the first day of the year as a trendsetter.   However, what about day four of the year?  Many may think of the number 4 as rather ho hum.  Its not as exciting as the number 7, which does have grand psychological meaning.  But it is a thrilling number.

If we turn turn to the bible, on the fourth day of Creation God made the sun, the moon,  and all the stars. The sun and the moon allow us to track time. Which in turn gives our body a rhythm to live and lets us set timely goals. Day 4 of the work week, is a Thursday (for those who work Monday through Friday) and everyone knows that Thursday is the new Friday. Its a day to get together for happy hour, go see a premiering movie, or go out dancing. Or whatever floats your boat.  Day 4 means that the workweek is coming to a rapid end. And you can soon rejuvenate. What about a 4-day weekend? That is one of the best phrases for a working individual.

In an online Yoga workout tutorial, day 4 was noted as a hands free low to the ground practice that builds on the foundation you have set in the first three days.

That is what day 4 is all about: building upon the foundation.  That is why today, the 4th day of the year is so important. This day builds upon the foundation of what you have been setting up and living through. The first three days were about celebration of and adjustment to a new year. Now, comes the real narrative. Take out you magazines and start clipping images for your vision board. Take out a notebook and start writing down your ideas for the year.  And, have fun with it!  make this your year of joy.

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