In the hopes of pinpointing a truth that matters


One can roll the dice. Can ask the magic eight ball. But what was the one true way to know what the truth may be?


They always say the truth lies somewhere in between. In between what, though?


They had created their own version of a truth serum in the hopes of pinpointing a truth that matters. But he didn’t really want to use it yet. He was scared as to what it would mean in the end? He wondered where they would go from here.

He took one last sip of coffee. Looked at the laptop one last time and closed it. So be it.

He then went and strapped himself into the chair.

“Are you ready to learn the truth?”

He nodded in agreement and closed his eyes.

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  1. Finding truth “in between?” Most often truth found in between is truth compromised. It is truth most comfortable to those of opposite opinions or beliefs. Not that all compromise is evil, nor is the same compromise either moral or good. It is what it is, a level of comfort for both sides of a question, one they can live with, as it were. I avoid this type of hypocrisy whenever I can. At my age I can always pull the “crabby old lady” bit and state my belief as unalterable truth and not back down. At least I can live with myself afterwards.

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