Joy is a revolution and in a New York State of mind

It’s adventure time. This weekend, I attended a service  that extolled the glory of joy and going on a hero’s journey. You know that psychological, and often literal journey, a key character has to go on to fulfill a destiny larger than themselves. At the sermon the pastor noted that joy is a revolution and a journey where we leave the boring. Sometimes we get lulled into a ho hum existence that numbs us mentally and physically. Sometimes we need an adventure. One that takes us on to a road that helps us achieve our dreams and become better people while at it.   In order to get on that fulfilling road you have to ask yourself what is the risk you are willing to take.


I walked over to the movie theater thinking of the pastor’s words when I looked up at the intersection and saw these happy tourists and Los Angelinos alike walking under a Lebron James’ poster.  He is someone who has stayed on course, worked hard and remained true to his family. He has made several big moves in his career seemingly taken risks and also going for the safe bet. Either way he flies high in his power.


Well, I am embarking on a new adventure. I am willing to take on a grand risk to continue my journey for continual improvement and advancement for myself and my family.  I am heading back east. My time in Los Angeles is coming to an end this week.  We are driving cross-country back to New York. It will be cold. But it will feel divine. It may be snowing. But it will be a winter wonderland.  There will be a lot of unknowns. But it will be adventure time!

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  1. I also admire Lebron James, for his character and work ethic. Safe travels on your way across country. I have made the trip from Arizona to New England, many times, even in snow. It is always worthwhile.


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