Whatever froots your loops: You be you

Often, by the end of the week, I am exhausted and a bit over it all. Whatever “it all” is. Thus, I will at times talk about my pet peeves as the end of the week just amplifies the really annoying things in our lives.  And, I have a lot of pet peeves. Although, they are often transitional or just temporary pet peeves as I get over things somewhat quickly.  But pet peeves still pop up in my consciousness.


And while this week has been tough, today I have no pet peeves to ponder over. I have no pet peeves that I need to vent out of my system.  This is cool state of being. Although, many of pet peeves are funny and can cause me to giggle a bit as I ponder them and share them with the world.


Today, today is a day I just want to focus on being you. Being me. Focusing on whatever froots your loops.   You be you. I will be me. Do what makes you happy. Even eat a bowl of fruit loops. I may just this coming weekend. This phrase was part of Froot Loops’ first new campaign in 50 years aiming to inspire people to be themselves. Of course, they are also trying to get Millennials to buy cereal as many have noted that this generation is killing the cereal industry as they don’t like to wash the cereal bowl. Whether that is true or not is up for debate. Regardless, I like the campaign. I find it snazzy and fun to say. I can even see saying it with a bit of mirth and punctuated dance.


Today, I will keep that phrase handy and try to throw it in randomly to my conversations throughout the day. It will certainly cause someone to giggle at some point and people will know you are open to what life brings you.

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  1. Neither I nor my (millennial) children were ever big Froot Loops fans. I am considering trying out the new Froot Loops donuts now offered by Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. I love donuts, which can be surprisingly low in calories, and was quite taken in by all the colors when I saw them displayed on a recent trip.


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