She followed them out to the car and never looked back


She was slumped onto her desk looking out the window. The sky always fascinated her but yet she had never done anything about it. She was always just so tired. Her body felt like she had been beaten, day in and day out.  There was no reprieve in sight either. She was angry at herself for letting the world bury her.  She felt as if she was being swallowed up by the earth, with her foaming up dirt.



She lifted up her head and took a sip of some odd concoction she had made for herself.  It was most certainly a pick-me-up. She opened up her laptop and pulled up the email. She didn’t want to think about it all anymore. She hit the “yes” button and within eight minutes a black car arrived and two men emerged. They came inside her home and just packed her some clothes for her in their own dufflebag and she followed them out to the car and never looked back.

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