That’s enough garbanzo beans

To say I hate garbanzo beans is an understatement. What’s stronger than hate? I detest garbanzo beans. Although, that sounds weird to state outloud. Detest should be reserved for abominable humans. Although, I really do try to not hate humans. And not detest. Takes up too much energy and I am too tired these days. I should note, I most certainly do not hate animals. Just thought I’d make that clear. Garbanzo beans, though, I most certainly hate. Yuck. Not yummy. Makes me sick. Literally. I ended up in the emergency room a decade ago due to ingesting garbanzo beans. Thus, I suffer from what is known in psychology as the Garcia Effect. I am not going to go into what that is here.


Despite my grand distaste, I mistakenly bought a premade chicken stew dish that had garbanzo beans. I normally scan the ingredients on all my food items as I do have a severe shellfish allergy and cannot afford to go through anaphylactic shock. But no one can. Somehow the garbanzo beans escaped my diligent scan that apparently wasn’t so diligent. Sigh.

I decided to not discard the whole dish. I felt that I could take out all the offending beans. And so I started spooning them out. But I soon got tired of such spoon action as it seemed to be a neverending endeavor. More and more garbanzos beans appeared. It seemed like they would never stop “showing up”.

I couldn’t help but think how this was similar to some aspects of day-to-day life. By this I mean, sometimes you think you have spooned out all the undesirables in your life and yet they keep being part of your life. Annoying, toxic people just need to go away. I don’t want to keep finding garbanzo beans in my stew. And, I don’t want to keep dealing with people who ruin a moment or two or a stew here or there.

Eventually I spooned out all the garbanzo beans, but I was exhausted by that point. And no longer looked forward to the stew.


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  1. Oh no!!!!! I would have gladly helped you out. I LOVE garbanzos! My mom even puts them in when she makes me ropa vieja!!!!! Now, if I take your garbanzos, does that mean you can take some toxic folks off of my….?
    Hello? Hello?
    Tee hee. Just kidding. Wishing you garbanzo free meals forEVER!
    Although, wait…So you do not like humus either?


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