Goodbye dear Sophie

This weekend I accomplished a grand amount of things. I finished and turned in a book chapter. I took my son on a mommy and son outing. I also had a get together at home where I made a lot of yummy, large (venti, venti sized) mojitos. So fabulous. On top of such accomplishments, I also managed to throw out a lot of things. I cleaned out my refrigerator. I emptied a medicine cabinet. I went through one of my son’s extra large toy bins. And, I found many items to throw away.

I felt a little guilty as I did this as I kept thinking about the Toy Story movie. Toys have feelings of abandonment too! But I needed to do it for many reasons.

There were toys that were broken in there. There were toys that now seemed a bit creepy. And, frankly there toys that he has outgrown. And, those made me a bit sad. I once had thought that I would hold on to all his toys as precious mementos. But, I now realize that while I will definitely keep some of those, there are many that I just couldn’t keep. For how long did I really think I would keep these and where? In a New York apartment you barely have space for a hat. Let alone 1000s of toys. Not that I am in New York. I am just using it for emphasis.

Of all the toys I discarded, one really saddened me. Dear old Sophie, the giraffe. If you have had a baby or know of one in the past 15 years, you know who Sophie is. Every kid had a Sophie. She was chewed on, banged on tables. Used as a slingshot. My son never used a pacifier. But Sophie most definitely filled that and so many other roles.

I loved Sophie. But I was shocked that I had kept her. Seemed very odd of me to do. But there she was in the toy bin. And out she went into the garbage. But maybe it wasn’t her and just a clone or imposter. Boy that would be a dark version of the Toy Story movie. Anyway, while it pained me, I had to let her go. My son didn’t even remember her. It was all me. My guilt. My memories. But I did do it.

I think I need another mojito.

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  1. For me it was a Polar Bear
    And as Married Couples
    Grow older in empty
    Nests.. Bedrooms
    Become Storage
    Rooms where
    As Sychroncity
    Rolls with your Blog
    Post as nothing is random
    In Life when we make it all
    A Dance and Sing i literally
    Found a Newer identical
    Childhood Polar
    Bear An
    Loving Furry White
    Best Friend as those
    Feelings Washed over
    Me as it’s True no ‘matter’
    What we co-create as the
    We Become in
    All the Colors
    Of Polar Bear
    Love We Keep
    From Letting
    Our Child oF
    LoVE From going extinct..
    i took a picture of that Polar
    Bear and relatively speaking
    Now with A Google Search
    Live a Thousand
    Years in A Most
    Northern Pole oF LoVE…
    Thanks for Helping
    Newer Story..:)


  2. I still have a stuffed dog with a windup music box, It played Braham’s Lullaby. Got it when I was 3 years old while I was in the hospital after being run over.


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