Thank goodness that puppy didn’t die: The Meg


It was just the last weekend of the summer. Ostensibly. sure we have a few more weeks until Autumn. But we all know that once labor day is here, it is all over. Sigh. I feel a bit depressed now. I hate when I do that to myself.  But to celebrate this last weekend of summer vibes, I went to the movies to catch a summer blockbuster.


You know it is a bad situation when, as you sit in the dark movie theater watching trailers you have caught all summer long at other movies, you cannot remember which movie you are there to watch. Seriously.  I was popping fruit snack after fruit snack into mouth just staring into an abyss of sorts. Then I remembered what I was there to watch and tried to be present in the moment.


I went to catch the Meg-a supposed science fiction movie about a crazed Megalodon. My son was psyched. I should correct myself. We don’t know if the Megalodon was crazed because we really got no character development for the creature. I kid. Or do I?   And, (spoiler alert) there seemed to have been two of them? I can’t be sure as I didn’t really keep track. 


Look, I have never seen Jaws. I know. The horror!   But, I have seen clips and this Megalodon movie seems to be a rip off of Jaws. But with more bells and whistles. The scenery -under water-was beautiful. I love the ocean. I love the seas. I love water. If I could, I would live in an aquarium. Well, under water. Speaking of which, I am excited to see Aquaman. Although, I am scared that all the best scenes have been shown in the trailers.   But back to my love of aquariums.   For my son’s first birthday, I took him to the awesome aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia. If you ever get a chance to go there you must!  It is inspirational and you leave in awe. 

With that, every new city and country we go to, we really try to go to a local aquarium. For my son’s 10th birthday we went down to the San Diego Zoo and hung out for a bit with the fishies.   How can you not be mesmerized by the power of water?

Let me return to the movie.   There is really not much for me to explain about it. Without seeing the movie you will know the plot. People get stuck. People get saved. People get eaten. Good people die. Bad person dies. Couple somehow falls in love within hours of knowing one another.  Explosion. And more explosions. Silly kid eating a popsicle for comedic relief. Bad jokes at inopportune times. No one seems to take the time to fully prepare for battle (protective gear would help as would a boat with some type of cover if you are going hunting for a huge, huge creature).Oh did I mention that the main character is trying to redeem himself? Ho hum.


Here’s the thing. It is not the worst movie out there.   I enjoyed this way more than Valerian, for example. But I think I saw this at the wrong time. This was a middle of the summer movie. It should not have been at the end of the summer where you hope a mega movie takes you into the fall season where the movies will turn serious and wage campaigns for awards.   Oh, if you didn’t figure it out by now. The tile of this post should have had a spoiler alert label.   I will leave you with this. Pippin lives!   And that thrilled my son way more than I had been thrilled the whole movie. But how pippin lives is anyone’s guess. My son, went on for two hours with his ideas. Hey, a movie got him thinking. And for that, I give this movie a B-.

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