I needed a poolside, laughs, and vice day and thankfully Las Vegas exists



The doctor told me to get some rest and relaxation. I told others to take of themselves and chill at home.   I always remind others to do so.  Why? Because self-care is ethical. It has to be. How can we really care for others if we ourselves are all beat up?  I finally took my own advice. Somewhat.


I took my nine year old son to Las Vegas as that is what he asked for his birthday. He has had a blast.  And so have I. And, I needed it. Let me restate. I didn’t need a blast of a time. I needed a day where I just didn’t care. Two related concepts but yet slightly different.  I still worked out at the gym at 6am. As a matter of fact I was the first one there. And, I still took over 13,000 steps. And, sadly, I still worked. A lot yet little. I was productive. I was able to get a lot of work down in the three hours I was at the pool. Well, I didn’t work in the pool but at the poolside.   And, while I worked, I drank a nice big rum punch. A huge rum punch. Some of my best writing (most winning) has been while I had a cocktail or two.   And, I hadn’t done that in a while.  Further, while I ate a salad for lunch, I also had a side of fries with that. I actually had crispy fries twice in one day.   Fries are my weakness and I allowed myself to succumb to it. Then, we went to the Hershey store and got a gigantic Hershey bar and tons of other candy. For which we were rewarded with a free Hershey bar that noted that I am amazing. Notice how I personalized that message. On a side note, it is pretty funny that they give you an ice pack here with your chocolate purchase. It was 106 degrees, after all. I could go on with a detailed account of all my fun, vice-filled moments, But I shall stop.

The point wasn’t to account for all that I did but to note that sometimes we need a day where we just go for it. I suppose that is what Vegas is for. But honestly any place will do.  And even more honestly, my so-called vices are not even that horrible. They just are for me. As for the laughs, I alluded to in the title, I will save that story for another day.

Summer is rapidly coming to a close. Remember to treat yourself right.


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  1. About to make poolside a permanent residence. I am so ready for the retirement community, our ‘forever home.’ Can’t wait to get out of here. In less than a month we will be settled, and I will spend my last 60s birthday IN a pool.


  2. Is it any wonder that many Angelenos escape to Vegas? I hate to say it, and I know you won’t like to hear this, but I think you’re becoming more like a native to L.A. than strictly a New Yorker. Maybe we can just say you are now bicoastal?


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