Road tripping and the signs of life


I had to get away. I needed a small trip for the weekend. Especially because I did not get a chance to travel anywhere this summer. And that kills me. I have gotten used to going away somewhere.  I get a weird sense of claustrophobia when I stay anywhere for too long. Even if it is a big city.  And, this year has been a long one and we are a little past the halfway mark. I hate the admit it but I kind of want this year to be over with.   I am quite ready and eager to get 2019 started.  Anyway, I had to get away.


We went for a very quick trip to Las Vegas. You know. The city that is quintessentially the playground for Los Angeles.  My son chose the trip as a pre-birthday gift. And off we went to Vegas.  Something that I love even more than the destination (any trip destination) is the road trip aspect. I love being on the highway and the windows wide open, while you search for a great radio song. Its liberating. Its freeing. Its a time for reflecting.


I have not looked at my vision board since I put it together end of December/first of January.   But I do not need to look at it. Each day I am in it to win it. But each day I also know that it is time for a changer and a time to rethink that vision board. And, so many of the road signs served as a sign to me that it is indeed time to change that vision board. Yes, we are more than halfway through the year, but I can still recalibrate. I can still change course.

right lane

For instance, you are continuously reminded that slow cars need to stay in the right lane. Guess what? I don’t want to be in the right lane. Let’s get into that left lane. We don’t have long on this earth, after all. There were signs which noted potential pit stops.  We all have to go through those don’t we?  There is also a ghost town one passes en route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  Sometimes, there are things that we must abandon.   Of course, this is just a road trip and not to be taken too seriously. Although, certain movies do make it seem like a trip to Vegas can completely change your life.   But that may be too much to expect at any time. But then again, there is no better time than the present.



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  1. I love road trips. Many of the biggest changes in my life involved long road trips as part of the implementation. However, just being on the road in unfamiliar territory brings me a level of happiness I can’t describe. Perhaps long ago I would have been an explorer.
    I don’t need power anything in my car. Not an automatic transmission or even power steering or brakes. I drove out here from the east twice in cars that had none of these. Just an air conditioner for triple-digit temperatures.


  2. Must be a Taurus trait as I am also antsy for a road trip. Mine will be a drive to Nashville where I will do a small amount of touring, both there and at a few places on the road. From there I will fly to St. Louis to stay and visit friends and family for a week after which I will make the same trip in reverse. I may have a thing or two in common with your son as well since I also like to visit Vegas. I like the historical aspects of that city, though, while I’m sure he is much more into the present and future!


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