I can only shake my head and eat candy


There are times when life is like a television show. There are many times when you look around and you note that the soap opera is really good.  And, I mean old-school good. Where the plots include a long-lost evil twin, an evil doctor brought back to life, and Luke and Laura save the world from being frozenIt is amazing that there have been so many wacky plot twists in soap operas. I suppose they had to be wacky considering that they  originated from radio dramas and really needed to capture people’s attention who might not be glued to the radio every second. I mean there was even a soap opera called Passions where a doll named Timmy came to life.  That’s certainly attention-grabbing.


I used to watch soap operas when I was a little girl. I would watch them with my mom and our favorite had been Days of Out Lives.   I think it took place in the town of Salem and thus it was bound to have some supernatural bits. Although, that took me totally by surprise. Anyway, I am most certainly not here to review soap operas.   I have no idea what is still around and what is occurring on them.   I will say one last thing about soap operas. It is amazing how much those actors work day in and day out.


In terms of soap operas as a viewing experience it was about the fantastic and incredible. We were meant to be incredulous and amused.   My mom and I would sit there letting out incredulous gasps. That was the fun part.


Now fast forward to today and I feel like everyday life has become a soap opera in itself. I wish my mother was still alive to enjoy these bits of incredulity and mania on my part. I would convey it all to her and she would sit and laugh and think I was pranking her.  She loved a good prank. As do I.   But sadly, although I wish I were being pranked (in some ways) I am not.  There are days in which all I can do is sit back, shake my head and eat some candy. I have started to bringing in popcorn to certain events just to illustrate how silly it all is. People posture. People feign being put upon. Others feign having more knowledge than they do. So much of everyday life now is a show.


We can do better than this. While I enjoyed soap operas growing up, I do not need a continuous live action bit. I rather go to ComicCon for that.


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  1. I’m living through several soap operas – great way to describe the goings on – simultaneously, and am surprised I’m still standing. I’m ready for things to become boring again. After certain remedies are undertaken, of course. Wouldn’t want to have certain things become the new, accepted ‘normal.’


  2. Good post.

    A friend of mine used to tell me all the time that I should write a book about my life. I would respond that no one would ever believe the truth.

    However, the world might be ready now…


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