It would be the last time she blended in with the crowd



She was a small-town girl who wanted a big-city life. She had known this from essentially the day she was born. No one around her understood her and her desire to leave the town the second she entered the world. It was an itch. A predisposition. An urgent need that took time to address. But while eager she was patient.   She had to be. No one else could do this for her.


The day finally came and she got on that bus. She had a backpack.  A cigarette. And a ton of dreams. As soon as she arrived to the city she threw out her phone as she was starting over. She went straight to the Met and fell in with the crowd.   It would be the last time she blended in.

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  1. I married the first guy that wanted me, but especially because he was in the Navy and I imagined myself in exotic places, sending postcards to the people back home. I always felt I needed to leave in order to live my own life away from my well-meaning but judgmental mother. I wanted to get away but I also wanted to blend in where ever I was. A born wallflower. So this girl’s adventure rang a slight bell, but it’s heading off in a totally different direction and I, for one, am hoping there is more to this story.


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