Some people are not meant to live outside their bubble


I am someone who loves traveling and moving about. I have lived in 17 cities thus far. These cities have included both international and domestic destinations.  While I love living in numerous places and visiting different destinations, I know that type of lifestyle is not for everyone.  I understand it is not for everyone yet I don’t understand how it is not for everyone.


Sometimes, I have a hard time trying to understand how it is that someone wouldn’t want to travel. I met someone a few years back who has never left the east coast of the United States and they are perfectly happy with that state of being. In no way, shape, or form do they feel that they are missing out. I distinctly remember immediately frowning when I heard this person’s story.  I felt sorry for them. Then I realized that they did not feel sorry. They were happy being and living that way, for whatever reason. I told myself, after that encounter, that I needed to be more open to the fact that there are people who are not as open.


Look, I get it if someone can’t travel because of monetary reasons. I totally get that. I was very lucky as a young woman to have been labeled gifted which allowed me to travel. There’s a connection there. I just don’t want to digress. Which, more often than not, I happily and readily do.


Now, where was I?


Fast forward to this past year, when I was again confronted with the fact that some people like living in bubbles and remain happily so.   I have seen how change is not easily digestible for everyone. It can give many a lot of heartburn. Some people may know they don’t like their situation but they are not happy with the idea of changing that unlikable situation.   I, as a psychologist, know this very well. As a matter of fact there is a personality trait called openness to experience.  Such a trait measures our receptivity to new ideas and experiences, as the trait is so labeled.   These areas of receptiveness can include travelling to exotic destinations or making drastic career changes.   People, as personality psychologists have noted, differ on this trait (McCrae and Costa, 1987).  I have simplified this greatly but I it is also not rocket science and I need not digress further.


What has troubled me, I must admit, is to be confronted on a daily basis with this particular personality trait.   Fear keeps some people so wedded to their bubbles. It provides a protective layer to their lives and they can then ignore everything else.  Living in a bubble means not being confronted with new ways of doing things and having to learn new methods.   We see this on so many levels throughout society. How can you not want change? We don’t live long-compared to turtles and gators. Turn this one life into four. That’s my mantra. drastic career changes are not that scary. Samosas are yummy.  The ocean road is amazing.


Pierce that bubble now

Live to really live here and now

Fiercely pop balloons



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  1. I was fortunate to have an exterior force destroy the possibility I would live in a bubble. In a 23-year career with the US Army, I moved 23 times, twelve of those times to countries outside the US. Currently living in Indonesia, my social media profile has the term “professional expat.” I have no idea what that means. I made it up.


  2. SMiLeS iT’s
    tHat soMe
    Folks Can and
    WiLL ‘Find A UniVerse
    iN A GRaiN oF SanD’ (i.e. Blake)
    Per Latent Inhibition that’s not so much..
    in other
    iS aN
    iNNer UniVerse too..
    For Some Folks A Base oF
    Home is aLWays ReNeWeD..
    Click Click Click Per Dorothy’s too..
    AnYWay Thanks For An inspiration both
    oF A
    Work for me..:)


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