new york

There was a swarm of squirrels and mice toiling away



Those in the city that day had all wondered why the colors on the building kept changing. They were used to the varying colors depending on the observation or news of the day.   That was part of what made this city so special.   But today the lights seemed to have a life of their own. Most wondered why and then went about their day as usual. It was as if they had seen a celebrity. Whenever one did you just ignored them. That was what made this city so special.


@jill wisoff

Down in the basement there was a swarm of squirrels and mice toiling away. They were angry with one another as they could not come to a consensus as to who should be their next leader.  These were trying times as more railroads were being built and less people were throwing their food out. Their next leader had to be strong and be able to take on the humans. Thus, they were all prancing about on the grand floor keyboard sending out light messages to the city.  They were all getting ready to take on arms.


It was time

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  1. Mice with arms apart from their front teeth and those cute looking squirrels? Now wouldn’t that be a catastrophe for us surface dwellers…


  2. I really love the title. Just brilliant. I am new to all this twitter etc. so not sure if I got the whole story…I know it is supposed to be short but is it supposed to be 2 paragraphs or ??? Either way as I said I LOVE the title. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


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