Nothing could leak from it that was unseemly



She sighed. Serenity. This was truly her favorite scene of the year. The beauty and the peace one can feel was overwhelming. She was at a low heart rate and she had not bit her nails since dawn.   She wished everyday looked and felt like today.


@dale rogerson

She put her flamingo cup on the counter.  She liked drinking her elixir from such a cup in the middle of winter. There was a beautiful juxtaposition and synergy to it all. All the houses looked so serene and warm.  You could probably go into any of them and feel at home.


She went to the living room and joined the others.

She put on her mask and helped roll the duffel bag.  She inspected it to make sure that there were no holes or scratches.  Nothing could leak from it that was unseemly. She wanted to make sure that the pristine nature of the snowbanks remained intact.   After all her kids would probably be playing there in the morning.


Everything was secure.  The secret would be maintained.

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