It was bound to happen: We are in LA after all


We are three full weeks into the New Year. By the way, when do we stop wishing people a happy new year? I tend to keep going until February 1st. Then, it’s back to the same old greetings grind. If I want to be snarky, I may very well wish some people a happy new year in June if I have not seen them in a rather long time. But back to the topic sentence.   Three weeks into the new year and my son is making good on his new year resolution. Well, it really isn’t a new year’s resolution. He is nine years old and his goal plans tend to last as long as a fruit fly.  But in all fairness to him, he has had a long term goal that he has been trying to pursue. It is the adults around him, including me, that have been slackers.   Thus, his goals do last longer than a fruitfly.


For several years now, he has wanted to be a YouTube Blogger. As a matter of fact two years ago he asked if we could go to Dublin for vacation in order for him to meet his YouTube idol. But in order to be a YouTube blogger he needs equipment, time, a concept and his parent’s time. For his last birthday, we got him a video-recorder.  And, he was ecstatic. But then we got a dog and he was ecstatic. Then we got a new house and he was ecstatic.   And so forth. You get it.   Anyway, we are all settled in the house and the dog has his own routines. My family has moved in and they have their own routines.   Life is settling in.


Three weeks into the new year, he has a fully charged up video-recorder, tripod, and a camera assistant (his cousin). He has a concept (video game playing).  And we are committed to helping him with his youtube page. Thus, lights, camera and action!


At 6am Sunday morning, the kids got up and ate breakfast and wrote out their production schedule.   And they were very committed to sticking to the schedule. Which made me laugh as no production schedule stays on time.   But, you have to hand it to them for their zest and good-old-college try.  By 7am the videocamera was set up and everyone was in place. Our dog flattened himself out and positioned himself in the middle of the action but out of the videocamera range.


By 1pm, they were still going, giggling and strategizing. Apparently, I made them get a bit off schedule by insisting on lunch and a walk for some fresh air and exercise.   Oh, the mommy horror! I am going to admit that I am quite impressed by their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment. They are only nine years old, after all. But this Los Angeles, so it was bound to happen at some point. May they find success in their dreams.  What a glorious time to be around these young hearts and mind.

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