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The purge towards positivity

There is a whole lot of purging going on these days.  Everywhere you look, someone is purging something.  Apparently, the Kremlin purged itself of suspected spies. Meanwhile, the city of San Francisco forced Air B & B to purge certain illegal listings.   Two weeks ago, my body decided to purge tons of crap from it by going through two weeks of stomach virus, followed by the flu.  Just this morning, I received an email from Twitter noting that my account had been subjected to Russian propaganda.   The joke is on them, as I rarely read any tweets out there.  It is just a group of select people that I bother to read through their 140 characters. I am not too sure what Twitter hopes to accomplish through this email notification. I do know it is trying to purge bad Twitter accounts from its system.   But won’t they just spring back up?   After the government shutdown occurred at midnight, Twitter users to the Twitterverse to celebrate, chastise, and comment on our current chaotic state of affairs here in the United States. One tweeter noted “safe purge everyone”.  I am not too sure that I follow and get that Tweet. Sigh.  #sad

It is a veritable purgefest.   I suppose purging can, at times, be a good thing.  However,  the word purge has such a strong connotation. At least, to me. It evokes images of being pushed out violently.  And even of suppression.   Did you know that there was a recent movie called The Purge.  The plot follows how every year in March, all crime in the United States is legal for a period of 12 hours. Most people lock themselves indoors, but no one is truly safe-otherwise, there wouldn’t be a very exciting movie.  I almost feel like this movie should have been released now and not a few years back.

Hence, thus far, this is the word of the new year for me.  We shall see what the word of the year ends up being as set by the powers that be in December 2018.  But, at least for the next week, that is my 2018 word. I too am going through my own purge and am coming out nicely at the other side. In our personal lives we can purge and get rid oneself of instinctual acts and behaviors considered socially unacceptable.  These days that runs the gamut. I am purging myself of negativity. Or at least trying. It can, indeed be hard to do so but I am having fun trying.  The same, in a way, can be said with everything else that is occurring purge-wise. Maybe Twitter will be more fun now. Maybe a purge in DC will bring consensus. I am not holding my breath on that last one but I can exhaling exuberance in my life.   It is too short of a life to be wasted in “bad things”.  A purge can help reach some semblance of sanity and order. That’s my silly story of the day and I am sticking with it.

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