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What to do when Asteroid 2002 AJ129 passes by earth: Wave at 2018 AJ

Have you ever watched the movie Armageddon? It was alright. I really didn’t care for the soundtrack.  And I really didn’t care for the love story subplot.  I mean, when an asteroid is about to hit earth and you are in the thick of preparations keep your head in the game. But, there always has to be a silly love story subplot that reminds you of how Hollywood is just silly. There is a new show called 9-1-1. And it is ridiculous. Just want to clearly state that. However, I can somewhat get into the emergency storylines that take place. However, the personal subplots of each of the three main characters is just yawn-inducing, infuriating, and silly. Ah, enough about that for I have digressed greatly.

Let’s focus on real life. Asteroid 2002 AJ129 is slated to pass by Earth in a few days. Well, February 4.  Supposedly,  at around 4:30 p.m the asteroid will be at its closest to Earth. That is a Sunday afternoon.   Where will you be during that time? Maybe a movie theater catching a random bad-movie  (as are most movies that are released in a February). That scenario is not for me.  But wait, how did this asteroid sneak up on us this quickly?  Apparently, NASA has been tracking this asteroid for over 14 years.  Wow. You would think they would have given it a fancier name by now.   Considering that this asteroid is 2000 feet long and peanut-shaped, it is deserving of some better marketing. I’d like to see a top-notch Hollywood agent take it on as its client. Asteroids just don’t seem to get any respect these days.   If this were a movie, we would be freaking out but yet doing really silly moves such as worrying about whether the boy next door really liked us or just likes us. Priorities!


Anyway, it seems we don’t have to really worry about this particular asteroid. so relax. Now, there is apparently another asteroid this will be coming close by today. It is called named 2018 AJ. Yup, I buried the real lead.   Guess what! Asteroid 2018 AJ was just  discovered on January 5.  It measures as big as a seven-story building and will fly past Earth at 12,300 miles an hour. I suppose that can be readily missed.  Plus, the asteroid will pass at about 1.1 million miles from earth. That is both far and close by. I’m sticking with the far description for peace of mind.  I believe that I will treat myself to some pizza, a few mojitos and enjoy the chirping of birds and the glare of the sun.  Till the next asteroid and the one after that.

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  1. The dinosaurs and the creatures of the Cretacean seas did not have astronomers, obviously. So, the wayward rock that contributed to their demise was both unexpected and had an unusual trajectory. Such will not likely happen, at least in the next century, thanks to the ability of the world’s astronomers to track our time’s asteroids.


  2. Funny you should mention asteroids…. My novel, STAR TOUCHED, takes place 8 years after a meteor devastates earth’s population. Did I plan for it to be published as a pair of huge asteroids zipped by or in the midst of so many natural disasters? No, just freaky coincidence. There are a few other time relevant story plots, but you’ll have to read the book to find out what they are. 🙂


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