Perhaps this would be their last ride 

Round and round they go and where they will land nobody knows. They often looked odd getting onto the amusement park ride. Well, rather, others looked at them oddly. Which was uncool since people looked at them oddly due to their age. He was 101 and she 102. Not that anyone could divine their one-year age difference. 

But they had been on this ride for a long, long time. Every time they climbed on and travelled they aged a little bit. Perhaps this would be their last ride. They always held hands just in case so that they could die interconnected.
They buckled themselves in and the music came on. They spun around repeatedly and closed their eyes. The movement stopped and their eyes popped open. They had traveled back to the world’s fair. Their nose bled. They dismounted and pulled out their mission card.  This one was personal. They were to find and save their child. And, so it was to be.

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