There will be consciousness


They had been waiting for this moment for over twenty years. They woke up with a renewed vigor and sense of purpose that they had not felt in a rather long time.  They had the “early bird” tickets and they were the first ones in line that morning.  They had their fancy shoes and suits on and were ready to submit.  They were born ready. And so it would finally be.


They went from net to net until they felt a deep connection surge through their bodies. They stood still for a moment and soaked it all in.  They looked at one another and sized up the net one last time as they tried to make sure they were truly in sync.  They pressed the button on their phone app and made their choice.  They tethered themselves.

They would serve the larger purpose and be uploaded to the grand collective consciousnesses in the sky.  There will be consciousness.  And onto the ground they fell and were scooped up by the troopers. Their will was done.  Their purpose fulfilled.

I welcome your thoughts

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