What are you carrying in your 2018 suitcase?


It is a brand new day and a brand new year. It has got to be better than the previous one. It just has to. Plus it is the year of the dog and we all know dogs rule. The Year of the Dog is supposedly a good time to start of new business enterprise.  That sounds even better to me. Everything I have read for the coming year says that my creativity will be rewarded. Which leads me to think of how to start off the new year.


No resolutions.


Imagine you are carrying a suitcase into the new year with what you will bring to it mentally, spiritually and physically. What do you metaphorically pack into the suitcase to take with you as you navigate the year?


First thing I’m packing is my sense of humor followed by a strong sense of self.  I am packing patience and some dancing shoes. You always need to dance. Do you remember that movie Footloose about a town where dancing was prohibited? I’m keeping my suitcase away from those that carry negativity and seek to prohibit people from being their true selves. To thy own self be true. I think 2018 deserves a “you” that is authentic and willing to stand tall. The past year tested many people.  This coming year, the tests are not likely to let up. It is not like they go on sabbatical.   I know I seem random. But is is a new year and I am still me. I digress. I’m random. I’m strong. I’m smart. I’m witty. I’m a mom. I’m a New Yorker. I snark. I bite. I offer a shoulder. I lend a hand.


But most of all, I like to dance. Now the question is which pair of dancing shoes will I pack? Will it be my disco pumps, my flamenco shoes, or my stilettos?  Ah, let’s just throw everything else out and pack them all in. it is 2018. It is time to bring it.


Happy new year everyone!

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  1. “willing to stand tall” and “dance”…I second that!
    and that reminds me…my posture, I will pop that in my suitcase as well!


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