Out with the blond and in with the Auburn

I did not have more fun as a blonde. Flat out truth. Of course, it is a stereotype that blondes have more fun. But when I dyed my hair blonde I wanted to embody that stereotype for a bit. But it didn’t happen. Boo on me. It actually seemed to be associated with a certain wearing down of my being and body.
Thus, it is a new year and an old-school me. I’m going back to auburn. Can I turn that into a song and make millions off of that?

Anything goes these days in my book.  Anyway, as the countdown began towards the new year, I mixed up the hair dye ingredients and went back to red hair. I think it suits me better.


With red hair, I feel more vibrant and jolly. It could be the mojito but I think it’s the color. We shall see in a month. But the blonde felt too brittle and too obvious. I need a more subtle vibrant hue. That is more my style.

I am looking at many changes this coming year. Name it and there is a change. Thus, on this first day of the year, I went for a first small(ish) change that does have some potential large-scale impact. Dying one’s hair may not seem that impactful to many. However, the research out there unequivocally finds that hair can impact self-esteem, social interactions, and the bounce in one’s step.  Bad hair days are a real psychological phenomenom.  With so many looming changes, it is nice to start off with a change that is quite under my control and is fun. Now, let’s let the good times roll.

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  1. I never had more fun as a blond. It was a brief event that I was convinced to participate in by my hairdresser who said I would not like going grey. I abandoned it as I could not see myself as a blond. I had my head buzz cut. It grew in grey and I’ve been having a lot more fun ever since.


  2. GF, I know what you mean about the hair, and it’s definitely a girl thing! My husband couldn’t understand or appreciate why I just HAD to get my hair done. I was long overdue for this loosely scheduled treat and after an hour with my hairdresser we ALL felt so much BETTER. Now, after almost 3 months of being practically house bound (since I couldn’t drive and it’s been perilous to walk on my recalcitrant right leg) and getting my hair done (cut and colored the gray) I am just about fully recharged for the new year. So I’m with you here. Let’s go girl!


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