Soaring on up in 2018: Moving upwards past the lows


Here we are again at the end of another year wondering what is to come.  The year of 2017 came and is almost gone and there is much reflecting to be done.  Many of us can have set ideas as to what we think may happen in the year ahead, but rarely are we spot on.   The last few years have proven to be quite vexing in terms of throwing out all expectations.   How many times have we heard the newscasters say that a particular event was unprecedented? Way too many times.   I recall how the Oscars had a major flub moment when the wrong Best Picture was announced.  That seemed unprecedented.


There was the fact that Hurricane Harvey was described as an 1-in-1,000-year flood event that hit a large part of  Southeast Texas. What about the fact that there were three huge hurricanes back-to-back that made landfall in the United States?  In my own life, I have had unprecedented, unfathomable events occur to me in this year.   Hurricane Maria personally impacted me and my family.  I am going from a family of three to a family of eight in my house, as a result. But that is ok. It comes with love and warmth and new beginnings. It seems that collectively we hit some very low lows this year. However, what goes down that low must come back up, right?


I was at a restaurant recently where I looked up at the ceiling and there was a lovely assembly of wine bottles.  You got to look up in order to get back up. You need to look up in order to rise. You can’t soar if you keep looking down or thinking of what could have been.  If you look up at the right moment, you might just luck out and get a great new wine to taste. So many good possibilities in life.


I will note that many years ago, I worked with a group of metally handicapped individuals. One particular person, always looked down. It took a lot to get him to look up. But he insisted that he had good reason for looking down. And sure enough, he did. He would always find money on the streets, floors, and sidewalks. His luck, and I suppose his eye, was amazing. So, I can’t say that looking down is always bad. But my point is more that we have been low and we can go high by keeping our eyes focused on that upward trajectory. It may sound a bit trite. The New Yorker in me laughs at such statements. Yet, we in New York have much to look up to and at. There is always something awesome, intriguing and beautiful very high up in my beloved New York.


Thus, as we close the year out, I want to keep my New York spirit fully engaged and active. I want to keep looking forward and find that upwards path. My mind, body and spirit will rise and soar. I must believe.





So buckle up and hitch a ride on up past the ceiling and up to the sky.  There may be wine, fine sights and a whole new you.

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  1. Such a positive post! You are so right though, things rarely go as anticipated and there are always changes and unexpected things that get in the way, but we have to have hope, stay strong and keep pushing forward. Here’s to a wonderful, albeit unpredictable, 2018! x

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  2. Thanks for sharing the optimism which I feared for a while you had lost. Historically our youngish country has been through other dark periods like this from which we have rebounded with similar optimism. I hope, and am looking forward to, a similar rebound next year. Are you?

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