Can’t come up with a sentence

I have nothing to say

All the words are gone

I have run ragged and tired

Nothing to spit out

Can’t come up with a new sentence

No stories to share

No thoughts to process out loud

No crankiness to vent

No jokes to snark on

No secrets to whisper

No truths to be told

Just tired

Very tired

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  1. It’s all the stress of Christmas celebration shopping choosing presents 🎁 for bigger folks toys for kids basking the turkey etc just chill we’re all in the same boat season cheers 🥂


  2. I have a number of past posts like this one, and a dozen more for each of those that I haven’t bothered to post. Take a break. Bake cookies. Enjoy the holidays or just indulge yourself in a hobby or something you truly enjoy doing. Read a paperback just for FUN. We’ll still be here. (We may be taking breaks, too. I know I’m plotting an exodus from Facebook, and a RETURN to blogging. 😀 But I’m also planning to enjoy time off, time with family, other writing, and just… curling up under the covers where it’s warm and I have no particular obligations to neglect for a few hours…)


      • I just finished off – with my husband and a friend – some homemade wassail, half a batch of fresh, homemade shortbread, and some Bourbon balls. I’d never had, let alone made, wassail. I’d never made shortbread. It all turned out great. Christmas cookies remind me of my grandmother, and making them reminds me of happy Christmases. Good way to brighten a dull mood.


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