I’m lucky to have such a transformational dog



While things have been super crazy in my life as of late, I am also a very lucky girl. I have a most awesome son who never ceases to amaze me.   He is so self-assured and confident.   He is so sweet and funny.  He has a good heart and a kind soul.  I can’t ask for much more in a baby boy. And yes, I am fully aware that at the age of nine he barely qualifies as a baby. If at all.  But won’t he always be my baby? Yes, he will. Even if he becomes the famous YouTube blogger that he aspires to, he will be my baby. Every day I see him transform into a bigger and bigger boy. Every day I see him transform himself into a citizen of the world.   I am in awe of all his changes and areas of growth.


I also have a super cool dog.  He started off as shy, quiet, and a bit to himself. Now, he jumps and demands attention. He sleeps on top of the couch like a cat so that he can keep an eye on us all at all times.  He needs to know everything that is going on and needs to be everywhere at all times.   He is a funny creature. A loving creature. A giving creature. He is like our little therapy dog that gets out of our heads by demanding that we play with him 24/7. There is never a moment in which he doesn’t care to play.  Plus, he is constantly herding us to and from the kitchen and living room.  I suppose I should have expected that from a toy poddle.   My son cannot get enough of his playfulness. Together they are one constant stream of motion.   I have no idea how Winston ended up in the animal shelter but I sure am glad to have crossed paths with him that fateful Sunday.

He can go from sleeping dog, to dog watching us carefully, and to playful dog in a few seconds.   He can transform himself instantly. And, he himself is a transformational dog. You can’t be lonely with Winston around.


I am a lucky girl, indeed.

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