A grand lift to my heavy heart

Waking up at 5am each day can be tiring. That’s a simple statement. I wake up bleary-eyed and search for my morning coffee. I try to find the coffee grounds and hope to remember to put water into the coffee maker. I think ahead to what I have to do and sigh. People on the streets are exhibiting all sorts of anxieties. I’m trying to do 191 tasks each day. That’s my morning thought routine.

But I also manage, more often than not, to catch a beautiful sunrise. For that I am grateful. Every time I point out the sunrise to my son he seems unimpressed. However, I do believe that decades from now he will be reminiscing about these morning sunrises with me. It’s our thing.
You know what else I manage to catch each morning? A very warm morning hello from my fur baby. It is immensely thrilling and life satisfying to cone down and see a wagging tail.

This morning the sight of Winston’s tail served as a grand lift to my heavy heart. He is a jolt to my very soul taking me out of a moment of sadness.

I can’t imagine life without these little creatures. He is such a glowing, calming ball of positive energy. That’s all I have to share today as I continue to search for ways to get past the unkind routines of life these days. With that, I will go hug my human and fur baby. I’m a luck girl, after all.

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