Oh you are strong: Let me try to tear you down 

Always beware of unsolicited compliments. Well, that is a bit of a crazy statement to make right? You want unsolicited compliments, generally speaking.   But there are some compliments that you know right off the bat they are meant to be the start of a war of sorts.  I don’t get bothered by compliments about my cool shoes. The reason being, of course, that my shoes are cool. Even if I have haters that give me the evil eye because of my shoes. Its true. I wish I was making this stuff up. This last sentence, by the way, I have uttered about 100 times the past week. Reality has taken a weird turn for the absurd.  And that is the space in which I find myself.

The past two weeks have been a cross between an Ionesco play and a Kafka novel.

It is as if everyone has lost their minds and then some.   I’m walking around in a daze wondering how can I be the only one that sees the truth. Here’s the thing, as we know there is no more truth.  But I am not here to harp on that point. Let me get back to what my hand and brain orginally wanted to write about before I let my mind wander into the abysss of current life.


A few months ago, someone came into my office and noted in an impromptu but, that I was a very strong woman. I stared at the person and thanked them and asked to move on to the topic at hand. Yet, this person insisted on stating again how strong I am. They noted how I have overcome much adversity in early life and even in the past year. At that last part my ears perked up. I realized they were trying to note, indirectly, their role in the difficulties I had faced the past year.   But I just wanted to move on. No need to dwell on me and my strengths.


Afterwards, I recapped that part of my conversation with someone else. They frowned and then I frowned. We both realized this person wanted to tear me down. And sure enough that was their obejctive all along.    It is so sad that there are people out there who relish tearing into others. Who relish trying to take aim at those that have overcome much.   Its not the first time, nor will it likely be my last time, I am subjected to such thoughts and actions.   And I am strong. Always have been because I have needed to be.   This too shall pass. And so it is.





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  1. I know it’s easier said than done but just pass by such people – do not give them the pleasure of your attention. That is what they are seeking in an indirect way. Most of the times, they are aware that you can see right through them yet it does not stop them from bringing you down. It’s sad but such people exist and they do not deserve even a shred of your attention.

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  2. Your beautiful dog looks to have a placid, friendly nature.
    I wonder does Winston snap when others interrupt his eating?
    There is a point in any dog’s life which tests them and requires that boundaries be set.
    After all, we are all animals.B

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