I think I need a vanity plate on my handbag


Growing up in New York City, I never learned to drive. You just don’t need to.  You can walk to many places. You can ride the train or bus to most places.   I may not have learned to drive but I sure did learn to navigate a behemoth public transportation system at an early age. Surely, my brain got wired differently from those that grew up in Los Angeles. I would love to do such a study. How fun would that be? Of course, there would be a ton of spurious correlations but that’s also a fun part of silly data mining.


While growing up in New York, as a result of being a non-driver, I didn’t focus on cars. I didn’t focus on car models, colors or speed.  When someone mentions a car type to me, I often look blankly at them.   I know what a Jeep, a Bug, and a Volvo looks like. I can tell those apart. I suppose I know what a Jaguar looks like because it literally has a jaguar on the front. Anyway, I don’t know much about cars. I couldn’t even help you defrost one.


Now,  that I am in Los Angeles, I am starting to notice some cars a little bit more.   I have fallen in love with what I refer to as a Mercedes Jeep. More specifically the 2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Class G63 AMG 4dr SUV.   If I knew how to drive, that would be my car.


Now, while I am learning about some car models, I am also noticing a ton of vanity plates in Los Angeles. It is vanity plate central here.   I have never seen so many. Of course, as I noted earlier, I have never been into cars and may have missed the vanity plates in New York. However, I feel that it is way more extreme here. Hey, it’s Hollywood! Enough said. Everyone has a pithy comment to make through their license plate. Often, I can’t even figure out what the pithy comment is that they are trying to convey.


There are so many vanity plates here that I feel a bit left out. I’m wondering what I can do about that. Should I get vanity plates made and place them on my handbags?  Perhaps my walking shoes?   Perhaps instead of vanity plates, I can get shoes that hum a ditty while I walk.   That can be my bit.   I’m for anything that adds a bit of whimsy and wackiness to this ever-so challenging world in which we currently live.   Maybe my vanity plates can say something like “ONFLEEK.”


I will leave you with one last tidbit. While, I have noticed many vanity plates in Los Angeles, apparently the state of Virginia has the highest number of vanity plates in the United States. And by the way, Texas has the lowest number of vanity plates. There has to be some rhyme and reason to this all. Does anyone want to study why that is?




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  1. I think it’s really cool that you have had the chance to use such a great public transit system. Where I live, our public transit is absolutely awful. I can’t imagine not having a car…even if I lived somewhere like NYC, just the thought of giving up my car causes me great anxiety, even if I didn’t need it! I’ve always thought about how cool it would be to live somewhere where having a car wasn’t necessary. The source of my anxiety comes, however, with the fact that without a car, I’m at the mercy of someone else, a transit schedule, a cab/uber driver, a friend, ect. I love having the freedom to jump in my car and go wherever I want. Or if I want to make a longer distance trip, I don’t have the expense or hassle of trying to rent a car. Since just having a license at all requires carrying insurance, just getting rid of my car wouldn’t really save me much money at all, I’d have to give up my license too, and somehow license=freedom to me! I definitely vote for the vanity plate on your handbag. You deserve to make a statement too!


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