Temerity will soon fill the eyes

She wanted to live the high life. Why not since there was not much time left for anybody. They ran and ran across the ruins and old fields. They must have trampled on a thousand souls.


© Roger Bulltot

They ran to the top of one of the old structures to make a wish.  The moss and the ivy were supposed to bring luck. It hadn’t for others previously but this was a new world order.


They stood in awe feeling the energy emanating from the ground. They inhaled the currents and exhaled their hope.   Their goal was to infect the world with optimism, temerity and bite.


Thereafter the sky turned dark and the clouds came down low, washing them over with moisture. They jumped from the structure top and landed onto the grass where their bodies melted into the soil.


Temerity will soon fill the eyes and hands will rise for a bold new future.


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