I’m prickly, sudsy and then some

Sometimes you just find yourself in a mood. It can be a sour mood, a happy one, or a “I’m not taking any crap” mood.  It can even be all three and more simultaneously. It’s like a cacophony of moods swirling inside one’s brain, body and pinky. Yeah, I just randomly threw in that last one. It’s ok to be in a mood. Just don’t make it your standard operating procedure. 

I just got back from having dinner with a friend after a long, long day of heavy, weighty life issues. I had a daiquiri and she had water. To each their own, I suppose. We sat there running the gamut of conversation topics. Yet, regardless of the topics at hand at any given moment,  we tended to end that “segment” noting the grand amount that goes on in each of our lives.  No one really knows what’s going on in your life. Not fully.

We are so multifaceted. We have so many work, personal and big life projects. As such we are a myriad of emotions, smiles, cries and textures. I prefer describing myself as a Napoleon of textures.  By Napoleon, I am referring to the yummy, layered dessert. I had the best Napolean ever in the town of Positano in Italy. It was so divine. And now I can’t figure out which restaurant it was. It was high up overlooking the town. It was the best view and the best dessert. I must make my way back to Italy. Although, I have that eternal debate with myself as to whether it’s better to travel to more different countries or do return trips to the ones I liked most. Oh my, but I have grandly digressed. 
But back to my Napolean self. I can be prickly, saucy, crunchy (well not so much that one), rule with an iron fist but with a velvet glove. 

It is lovely being so textured. It’s complicated at times, but it is lovely.  I feel complete.

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  1. So very well said, and I think it’s that multi-faceted nature that makes us so interesting! As for travel, I’m actually going back to the same place, same hotel I just went to (creature of habit..)
    Caz x


  2. When you re-tire..
    You can figure it
    All out.. at least
    For self.. i can
    DancE and
    Now and yes
    Fearlessly with
    Bi-Polar and Asperger’s
    But Never without a Dance
    And SonG as Cognitive
    Behavioral Therapy
    IS Shells of Empty
    Words compared
    To the
    Of Free
    Dance and
    Song that and
    Who regulates emotions
    And integrates senses
    To cure the inside
    Of Human
    My Psychiatrist
    Initially said no recovery
    Possible and eventually
    When i cured my
    Self.. he quit
    His practice
    To teach
    In a Teaching
    Hospital in South
    Florida so in this case
    Arts like Tai Chi beat
    Medicine and
    Hands up and is
    Most Definitely used now
    To treat children on the Autism
    Spectrum too now that Science
    Is understanding that our
    In a Body
    Balancing at
    Center point Bliss..
    No lessons even required..
    Left foot right foot Balance
    One Force
    i don’t
    Charge a i
    Thing when
    i teach ‘them’..;)


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