To all the shirts I loved before

Packing can be tedious and boring. Actually, it is both. However, it also can be cathartic, energizing and a beautiful nostalgic walk down nostalgia lane.  I’ve been packing at a rapid rate but also carefully looking at each piece of clothing. Memory lane is jam-packed.

In all my sorting, I’ve come across a shirt that my son made for me a few years back. I remember being near tears upon getting this shirt.  Now, that I re-found this shirt, I just want to maybe turn it into a pillow or maybe take it to build-a-bear and create a special teddy bear.  It can be my Rosebud. Oh no. Scratch that thought for it was creepy. I hope to not ever be sad and lonely like Citizen Kane. 

I’ve come across a western-style shirt that my aunt got for me at my very first flea market. Till this date, it was one of the biggest ones I’ve  ever seen. It was during my first trip to Orlando and the first trip thst I paid for with my own money. That shirt represents freedom to me. Also, with my mom gone, the shirt reminds me of my lovely aunt who has always been there for me. I hope I can do the same for my nieces.

I’ve come across one of the ugliest sweaters I was ever given as a gift. I’ve been laughing at this sweater for a few minutes. I’m tempted to throw it out but will keep for now as I’m hard-pressed to throw out gifts. It truly is the thought that counts and I must always try to remain humble. 

I also found a Flash t-shirt my son ordered for my birthday. For some reason he thinks The Flash is my favorite superhero. He’s mistaken.  But I’m still happy to have it as it’s a symbol of his desire to get me something I like. It fills my heart with joy to think of the thought that went into selecting that shirt.

Then I found a ragged shirt from Hawaii. The first time I traveled there I was the luckiest girl in the world. I have since made my way back numerous time and it’s charm never wears off.  Hawaii is my happt pkace. Hopefully, it will always remain so. 

All these shirts hidden away in my closet. The memories. The joy.  They shouldn’t remain hidden.

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  1. I have sentimental t-shirts aplenty that I cannot separate from. They all remind me of something very good in my past. Even if they look silly and don’t fit anymore.


  2. I always say that one of these days I’m going to have all those memory-loaded t-shirts made into a quilt. I never do, and they stay hidden, stacked away in the cedar chest and out of mind. You’re right, though. They’re our lives and our best and happiest moments. The last thing they should be is hidden.

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  3. Personally, I have saved many of my kids’ old T-shirts and pajama bottoms, with the goal of crocheting them in to a “rag rug” for each of them someday. Fortunately, we have a lot of closet space and shelves in our “empty nest.”


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