I just couldn’t reconnect with Twin Peaks

When Twin Peaks first aired on television I had a blast watching it. I would gather with other friends to catch the episodes. We would all be astonished and in awe together. I, like everyone else I knew at the time, had truly never seen anything like it. It was weird. It was dreamy. It was surreal. It’s hacked into my idea of maybe someday going into film. I did apply and get into film school, but eventually I decided to forgo that path. The fact that I am psychologist also served as a way for me to connect with the TV show. It was so cool to be into Twin Peaks back then.
I even make Twin Peaks jokes in the office these days. Although many people Boston don’t get what my jokes are referring to. For example, my office can be quite cold at times and we all have heaters at our desks as a result. Sometimes, I would take my heater with me when I was meeting in the conference room. The image of me carrying the heater from room to room in the office has cracked me up. It made me think of myself as the log lady. Most, didn’t get the reference. Sigh.

Thus, when it was reported last year that Twin Peaks would be back on our television sets I was super excited.  Sadly, I must admit that I couldn’t tell you, even if you paid me to, how the show had ended years ago.  Was the murder mystery ever solved? Who did Kill Laura Palmer? I really couldn’t tell you. Yet, I was so excited for it to come back on the air.

When they announced the air dates, I immediately set my DVR to record the show. I never watch shows live anymore. I tend to watch television shows late at night on my DVR so that I can binge watch and fast-forward through the advertisements. Yet, as I was getting ready to watch all the television shows that I had recorded, I found out that I had no Twin Peaks episodes recorded. The horror!  Then, I tried to catch a live viewing of it.


Turns out my Showtime subscription had been terminated. Apparently, I had a one year free subscription and my cable company never bothered to let me know. Sigh. It also turns out that I wasn’t so bothered by this turn of events. I have no idea whether there is a new murder mystery. And I’m ok with that. I’ll keep my old memories of enjoying a weird show late at night with my friends.

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  1. I just binged on the old Twin Peaks.
    Laura Palmer was killed by her father as he was possessed by Bob.
    It ended with Bob going into Cooper.
    I don’t have Showtime. So I’ve missed the new one. I wonder how it turned out.


  2. I must admit I was the same when I tried to watch the new version – just couldn’t get in to it sadly, perhaps some of that was thinking “this isn’t as good as the original”..!


  3. I, like you, am fond of my memories watching TP the first time around. I was already in college, in a slightly eerie, sleepy and industrial town in upstate NY that at times resembled Twin Peaks and her odd cast of characters. Most of us did not have a TV, so we would gather in the homes of those that did to catch a weekly episode, loudly exclaiming, “wtf is going on and who is that dwarf and why is he dancing?” intermittently, yet in unison.
    Alas, you are not missing anything this time around. Keep whispering and listening to your version of the log, Mimi, and quietly continue to wonder, “who killed Laura Palmer?”. xoxo G


  4. I, like you, fondly remember watching Twin Peaks the first time around. I was already in college, in a slightly sleep and eerie, industrial town in upstate NY that at time resembled TP with her odd cast of characters and locations. Most of us did not have a TV, so we would gather in the home of those that did to watch weekly episodes, murmuring, “WTF is going on? Who is that dwarf and why is he dancing in a strange way?” intermittently, yet in unison.
    Alas, you are not missing anything in this go around. Hold on to your version of the “log” and quietly continue to ask, “who killed Laura Palmer?” xoxo G


  5. I only caught a few episodes back in the day but did watch the movie version Fire Walk With Me. I caught up with the original two TP seasons a few years back and was totally hooked. For me this new season is just superb – with writers Frost and Lynch looking like they’ve been given the freedom and time to really explore the TP universe, even it that does mean some long and pondorous scenes of very little happening which can easily test the patience of viewers, and also only seeing certain characters briefly and having to wait an episode or two before seeing them again. But this pace I think suits Lynch’s storytelling style and direction, and he probably won’t ever feel he has to make another movie again as he’s packed so much cinema into this TV outing so far. Unreservedly so, I’m absolutely loving it 🙂


  6. The new Twin Peaks has been very polarizing, but overall I’ve enjoyed it. It’s very rambling and strange, and the writing for women isn’t what it once was, but for me it’s much closer to the spirit of the first season than the second season was (I have a lot of problems with season 2). And Kyle Maclachlan is giving the performance of his career. Maybe you can try it when it comes out on DVD, if you ever want to see it.


  7. On the upside, possibly, consider yourself fortunate that your cable company did not extend your Showtime subscription without telling you. That happens way too often to people who really can’t afford it.💸


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