What a sighing drag: I didn’t know I gave up caffeine for a week

I have been having a couple of those weeks where I have been tired, felt like I had 20 jobs and just wanted to pull other people’s hair. Actually this has been going on for more than a couple of weeks. I’m running on fumes at this point. But I still look good.

Most people wouldn’t know how tired I feel other than catching my occasional sigh and eye roll.   Although, my eye rolls are becoming more frequent. Actually. I think its more about my sighs. I normally don’t sigh outloud. I’m not usually a sigher. I don’t get frustrated easily. However, researchers have found that sighing is associated with feeling disappointed or frustrated as well as providing a physical—and mental—reset.  I think it is that last part that I have been needing. Its that reset. We don’t get an easy button in life but we can certainly do certain things in life that help us reset our mind’s perspective. Thus, I have been sighing a lot lately. Or at least I have been catching myself sighing.   Which used to be rare for me.

Along with needing to sigh more recently, I have had an enormous need to nap. Before this past year, I didn’t nap.   I didn’t know how to nap. It’s a new skillset that I have acquired. I have been honing that newly acquired skill more and more every day. Just this past week, I woke up at 6:30am. I went to work out and showered. I got dressed for work And then I went back to bed. I had intended to close my eyes for just five minutes. I napped for 30 minutes, instead. Then that night, I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 8pm. I felt like something was wrong with me. A matter of fact everyone at home had been feeling very tired as of late. We were collectively dragging. I started to think that maybe there was some environmental toxins at home. Well, there was one.

After going to sleep at 8 p.m. the night before, I woke up the next day still feeling tired.  But we soon discovered what was wrong. I had mistakenly bought decaf coffee. The whole week we had gone cold turkey off of caffeine. The horror!
How could I have done that to myself? How? I can only guess that the day I went grocery shopping, I hadn’t consumed enough coffee. Lesson learned! You know how they say you shouldn’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach because then you will overbuy? The same should apply for going grocery shopping without having enough caffeine in you. Don’t do it.

Well, after discovering my coffee grounds mistake, I soon had real coffee. And I felt better. A million times better. Ah, the sweet smell of caffeine in the morning. 

I am much better now. But, admittedly I still have a few sighs left in me.

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  1. I’ve done this before, too. 🙂
    I was wondering why my coffee tasted like liquorice and why I had a bit of a headache. So I read the coffee packet, to see what was in it and discovered it was decaf.
    A honest mistake, but no caffeine, cold turkey, leaves you beyond tired.

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  2. This is amazing! Well, not that you bought the wrong coffee and probably sent your body into a spiral of “what the heck is going on.” But the fact that I can thoroughly relate as I’ve been sick all week and haven’t had caffeine. At. All. Today was my first time feeling like a human and my first sip of the sweet goodness! So I feel you!


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