A cactus grows in Los Angeles…or so it tries

I am horrible with plants. Just horrible. So bad that even fake plants and flowers wilt on my balcony. Sad! Indeed. Back when I lived in Berkeley I tried growing a bunch of plants and cacti on the balcony. Only thing that happened is that they got to see my car stolen from the lot before that all died. Doubly sad! 

It is thus with great trepidation that I am going to try to revive my cactus. Note, that I did not state I was going to try to grow a cactus. I already tried that. Well, I actually really didn’t which is why I am now trying to revive it. As I was packing, I finally noticed my little cactus. It was withered and severely dehydrated. I felt a pang of guilt. I just am no good with plants. I prefer dogs as they will beg all the time for food. There’s no way possible to forget about a dog. They are too cute and needy. They are the perfect creatures for me. But back to the cactus. My pitiful cactus. 

I made a vow to try to treat it better. I watered it and placed it back in the sunlight. At my upcoming new house,  there are a lot of cacti. And they are immense. Thus, I gave to be mindful that these beautiful creatures, while resilient, still need some TLC.  Isn’t that the case in life overall? Even the strongest amongst us will falter if there is no long-lasting nurturing foundation. 

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  1. I also have a black thumb.πŸ‘ŽπŸΏ

    Once upon a time I was able to grow thing or two indoors, like when I used an avocado pit to grow Ava the avocado, something you and your son might want to try together.πŸ₯‘ She grew very tall but unfortunately lost all her leaves! I tried outdoor gardening ONCE when we lived in So Cal, and even failed at that!

    My spouse has had historically much better luck with growing things, both indoors and out. Maybe that’s because he was raised around farms and gardening. So, when he relocated an indoor cactus to the outdoors in our So Cal backyard, it grew to a height of over six feet by the time we moved East. 🌡

    Our yard there was also pretty small and, with the moisture pattern there, only required mowing on a regular basis with quite a bit of time in-between. Here in the green half of the year state of TN where we now live, spouse has brought me to the realization that the currently green and thriving grass in our large front and back yards required mowing more often than he’d like! Well, at least he gets to sit on his riding mower while doing the majority of that chore.


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