My favorite food, drinks and movies in a round of silly, crazy, wacky news

OJ Simpson has just been paroled. Well, rather he is going to be allowed to go on parole come October.   The question is whether he will get a TV hosting gig? Or perhaps a reality show?  Oh My! It’s Friday night, I just got paid, and I feeling a little wacky.  Consistent with it being payday, I figured I could return to my wacky news bit. What follows is just a run down of some news items that touched upon some of my favorite drinks, food and movie-watching experiences.   Here’s hoping I never knock myself out dancing.


  1. Yummy Potato chips!  My son’s favorite food is pizza. He greatly admires the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for their love of pizza. I asked him what was my favorite food and he hemmed and hawed as I tend to “eat everything.” I will take that as a compliment.   I will share this with you. I love potato chips. They are my weakness. I love sour cream and onion, cheddar, salt and vinegar and so forth. I often have potato chips for breakfast. To me it cures all, alongside Coke Zero. Which by the way is being phased out. I’m nervously awaiting its replacement.  Anyway, soemoen else out there loves potato chips. Rather, this man from California loves potato chip cans.  He uses them to smuggle king cobras. Eek. Why?
  2. That will certainly wake you up!  Besides potato chips for breakfast I need, at minimum, two cups of coffee.  At this point, I might start needing that third and fourth cup. Coffee does nothing for me anymore. Sigh. Well, coffee manufacturer based out of Texas seems to have put an extra pep in its coffee.  So much pep it has, that the FDA declared it had a substance similar to that in viagra and thus needed to be recalled. I wonder how many people went and stocked up on that coffee?
  3. Is that a kid at the bar? Apparently hipster parents really like and miss being hip. So much so, that many are starting to now take their kids to the bar with them.  Do sippy cups and beer steins really go hand-in-hand?
  4. Vodka will do. I love rum. I am Puerto Rican and thus I love rum. Its a carribean thing.  Now, while I love rum, I don’t mind vodka. Cosmos are great and so are martinis. Apparently, vodka is really awesome for cats that drink antifreeze.   A kitty cat got to live another day due to the healing powers of vodka. Go figure!
  5. Contact lens can be scary.   I had to wear eye-glasses starting at around seven years old or so. But as soon as I could, I got contact lens and never looked back. They are so comfortable in the rain and in a smoky club. Well, sometimes. I have had a few instances where my contacts rolled to the back of my eye and I had to wait hours for it to roll back out. Apparently, I am not the only one. One woman had 27 contact lens removed from her eye. Who doesn’t feel 27 lens?
  6. Don’t try to this on an important day!  I love Dirty Dancing. I actually didn’t like it at all when I first saw it. But it has grown on me over the years. Without fail, some channel is showing it at midnight. And when I can’t sleep I watch baby not get put in the corner. Apparently, many others love that movie as well. One couple even tried to do the famous lift at their wedding. They failed. They got knocked out.   I suppose it will be a wedding to remember for having a few moments they will not be able to remember.

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  1. I like a bit of rum too, especially spiced rum (Captain Morgans). Interesting fact about the vodka and cats, I wonder how they ever stumbled upon that finding??
    Caz x


  2. I also love potato chips but don’t like flavored ones. Just straight-up potato chips with salt please. My favorites, which are probably regional, are Utz dark russet.


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