His smile will return someday 

Look at that happy face. Too happy to be contained. 
Imagining a tsunami of tears coming over his face.
His giggle. His bright eyes. His rambunctousness. 

Nothing can prepare you for the sadness of a child.

It is that thought and image that is running through the collective consciousness.

He will cry into his pillow.

He will shake and shiver with grand ache. 

He may become numb and that twinkle may no longer sparkle. 

The happiness of today will slowly  dissipate. 

There will be no cure. No easy button. No right words.

May he find peace in knowing he was greatly loved and adored. 
The smile will return someday. For love will be in his DNA.

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  1. I do mediations to produce visitation agreements for a child whose parents no longer share a home, so I see a lot of this, at least in my imagination since I work with the adults and never see the children. The last one I did I for sure thought could not be settled, since the paperwork the adults had submitted showed them as being very far apart and distrusting each other and the situation the child lived in when with the other parent. By the time they came to mediation, though, they had already decided on the new arrangement, and both stated out loud that they only wanted to do what was best for their child, even if it meant a small sacrifice on their part. This poem would for sure apply to these situations.


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