What’s your self portrait?

This week has been excruciatingly hard and long and somewhat depressing. I have seen and heard the fear that two other people have in regards to their future and longevity.  I needed a distraction. These days, distractions come in the form of social media, exercise, just watching the world pass by from up above. But, social media can be quite depressing at times as well as we all know. So what did I do? 

I created, after being taught, my own avatar. Well, it’s supposed to be an emoji version of myself that I can use in various text messaging applications. Have you tried creating your own avatar? It can actually be fun and enlightening. But let me backtrack for one second. Or rather let me digress, as I usually tend to do here.

I was watching this television show the other night called The Fosters. In that show there’s a young girl who had gone from foster home to foster home until she finally settled in to her forever home. So she has been through a lot in life. This character is an artist and she was assigned an art-school project for which she was to do a self-portrait. She struggled with the project until she thought of how she could just have other people at random times take photos of her as they see her. She would then look at those photos and pick the one that she felt really represented her. Well, she received ones that showed her with a mad face, a pensive face, and a silly face. She struggled to figure out which one was truly her. The one photo that showed her laughing and being silly was a unique photo as no other photos showed her laughing. She had to ponder what this all meant. 

I’m thinking that it would be cool to do such a project in real life. However, instead of photos it could be emojis. This all got me thinking as to how others would perceive my emoji. I, at first , came up with the following emoji.

I sent this avatar emoji to a few colleagues and also showed it to my son. My colleague thought it was a misrepresentation as I tend to be seen more often than not with a Coke Zero in hand. Which sadly, by the way, Coca Cola is zeroing out. My son meanwhile thought the hat was a complete misrepresentation of me. I suppose I haven’t worn a hat since I left New York. While, I tend to see myself as a coffee drinker it’s not necessarily part of my public persona. 

I have put these other two emojis together and apparently these seem to strike a chord. Hmm. What am I to make of those? 

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  1. They are fun and I enjoyed mine for a month then I got my phone bill – twice the usual price thanks to attaching my mini me to messages.


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